We’re keen to avoid the back of the net, so we’re pushing upfront with our online activities.

There’s lots out there – although, at the time of writing, everything you see is a work-in-progress with more to come, including this website!

Our flickr pics archive features hundreds of Shaun’s shots and is a must for fans of the Football is Life book.

If you like what we’re doing show your support on the Facebook page, where we also post updates regularly.

And don’t forget Google+ too. Aside from updates, we also profile individual matches.

We’d stress nothing is complete, while we have plans for more social media.

All of this web work looks to complement the Football is Life book, which is a chronicle of author Shaun Duffy’s travels through the game and doesn’t feature many of the pictures you see online.

1 thought on “Nets

  1. Hello everyone, as of today – 21 Jan 14 – we are well on with bulking up the site and social media.

    This site and the flickr pic archive are nearly up to date, while the Facebook page is doing well.

    We’ve made a start on Pinterest and Google+.

    And we’ve bagged tumblr and Instagram accounts, but not done anything on these yet. We’ll get there.


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